2 Day Winter Navigation Skills in Snowdonia, North Wales £140pp

Map and compass navigation in the mountains is a basic skill that everyone should have.

Accurate and confident navigational at a higher level of ability is Absolutely Essential in winter.
Without the ability to navigate in a white out, you may just walk down the wrong slope or off a cornice as many people do each year.

Attending one of our courses will develop your navigational skills, enabling you to stay focused and confident in the worst visibility, and may just save your life one day!

Winter weather poses are real risk to your safety, Its not just the cold temperatures or the possible avalanche hazard, Its far more likely you will encounter some very bad weather with snow showers and white out conditions, couple this with cornices and the inability to judge how steep a slope is and you can soon be in very real danger.
Learning how to navigate in a simple and clear way means less stress for you when the visibility is poor.

2021/2022 Dates

December 2021
4th – 5th
11th – 12th
18th – 19th


January 8th – 9th, 10th – 11th
February 12th – 13th, 26th – 27th
March 5th – 6th

Where is the course? Who is it suitable for? What do I need?


The course takes place in the Ogwen Valley area of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

Who is the course for?
Ideally you will already have good map and compass experience, or attended one of our intermediate to advanced level summer navigation courses, so we can develop your foundation core skills to a higher level.

Course Ratio’s

Maximum ratio’s during the course are 6 clients to 1 instructor

What kit do I need?

As the course will be based in the mountains, hopefully in winter conditions, it is essential that you have winter clothing, crampon compatible winter boots, crampons and walking axe.

You will also need packed lunch and hot drinks for both days of the course as well as a map and working compass. We will be using map number OL17 1:25000 scale and 1:50k scale plus we will take a look at the Harveys 1:40k scale maps

You can hire Crampons and Axes from us for £10.00 per set for the duration of the course – early booking essential.

What will I learn?

Always the 4 D’s
Strategies for pacing over varying slope angles
Taking accurate bearings from the map
Techniques for walking in a straight line in poor visibility or whiteout
How to plan and follow bearings when boxing cornices
Choice of map scale for winter navigation, 1:25l, 1:50k, 1:40k
Using Slope direction – aspect of slope

We always aim to cover other mountain related topics during the course, bad weather planning, emergency procedures for injury or if you get lost, our tips on clothing and footwear and food and hydration and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have during the day.