Navigation Masterclass in Snowdonia, North Wales £140pp

We are without a doubt one of the most experienced providers of navigation courses in the UK.

Our instructors have years of experience coaching all aspects of navigation at all levels of ability, from novice to advanced levels.
You will learn from remote environment navigation experts who coach military and SAR personnel in the UK and around the World.

Navigation with map and compass is a basic foundation level skill that every hill and mountain lover should have. Having this essential knowledge enhances your personal development and enjoyment of the mountains.

You will learn foundation to advanced navigation skills that will make it easier to plan and follow your route, whether that’s a simple hike in the lowlands, a day in the mountains or a multi day route in the Himalayas!

2020/21 Dates

2 Day Novice to Intermediate Level

December 2020 1st – 2nd, 8th – 9th, 12th – 13th, 15th – 16th

January 5th – 6th, 9th – 10th, 21st – 22nd
February 8th – 9th, 13th – 14th
March 3rd – 4th, 6th – 7th, 20th – 21st
April 6th – 7th, 17th – 18th
May 3rd – 4th, 15th – 16th, 29th – 30th
June 7th – 8th, 19th – 20th
July 5th – 6th, 17th – 18th
August 9th – 10th, 21st – 22nd
September 4th – 5th, 13th – 14th
October 11th – 12th, 23rd – 24th
November 6th – 7th, 15th – 16th, 27th – 28th
December 4th – 5th

2 Day Intermediate to Advanced Level

2020 December 8th – 9th, 15th – 16th

January 11th – 12th, 16th – 17th, 30th – 31st
February 6th – 7th, 20th – 21st
March 8th – 9th, 13th – 14th, 27th – 28th
April 10th – 11th, 24th – 25th
May 8th – 9th, 17th – 18th, 22nd – 23rd
June 14th – 15th, 26th – 27th
July 3rd – 4th, 12th – 13th, 24th – 25th
August 28th – 29th
September 6th – 7th, 11th – 12th, 25th – 26th
October 30th – 31st
November 6th – 7th, 8th – 9th, 13th – 14th, 20th – 21st
December 6th – 7th, 11th – 12th

3hrs of Nightime Micro Nav’ £35pp

Improve your night-nav’! Aiming to use different locations for each session to improve your confidence in varying terrain. Book one session or multiple session for personal development.
November 5th
Then every Thursday from 16:30 – 19:30

Where is the course? Who is it suitable for? What do I need?


The courses initially meet in Capel Curig and take place in the Ogwen Valley and surrounding areas of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

Google map of meeting point in Capel Curig

Who is the Novice to Intermediate course for?

The novice/intermediate course provides the basic essential skills for easy to use navigation on marked paths and tracks in a hill or lowland mountain environment.
It is perfect for those with little or no map and compass navigation experience, or those who have perhaps self taught & want to have some formal instruction from qualified and experienced mountain professionals.

Who is the intermediate to Advanced course for?

The intermediate to advanced level course if suitable for those who already have basic map and compass navigation skills and should may be able to pre plan a route with a map and also keep a track of their position on a map as they journey along marked paths and tracks.
This course refreshes and builds on existing skills with the aim to visit more mountainous terrain on rough tracks and in open terrain with no paths or tracks.

Course Ratios

Maximum ratios during the course are 6 clients to 1 instructor

What kit do I need?

You will need clothing and footwear suitable for the weather that can be encountered in hills and mountains at the time of your course.
You should also have a packed lunch and drinks in addition to your normal hill kit.

During the course we use map number OL 17 Snowdonia in 1:25,000 scale, you should also have a working compass and we highly recommend the Silva Type 4/54 as the industry standard compass.
A pen, pencil and note book may be useful.

What will I learn?

Some of the things we cover on our courses are:

Novice to Intermediate Courses

Learn and practice how to pre plan a walk using marked paths/tracks and follow it, hopefully without getting lost!

Map Scales, what are they and which ones to use
Map symbols
Public Rights of Way and the CROW Act

The Grid system and Grid References
Contour Lines and their use
Use of a compass to set a map
Use of a compass to identify direction of travel and features
Basic Hand-railing techniques
Identifying large and small features on a map and then find them in the surrounding area
Macro or large area navigation techniques
Judging distance on the ground and pacing techniques for measuring distance on the ground

Intermediate to Advanced Courses

Learn and practice how to plan a route away from marked paths and tracks in more challenging terrain

Work out personal pacing for 100 metres and practice over varying steepness of ground and terrain
Poor visibility and darkness navigation techniques and strategies
Micro Navigation – techniques which concentrate on using short distances and/or navigating to smaller features on the ground.
Pacing and timing over varying distances from 100 – 1000m
Estimating times taken using Naithsmiths Rule and Tranters table of corrections
A look at ‘dead reckoning’ and it’s practical application and benefit
Aiming off
Attack points
Quick Resection skills and and overview of triangulation
Identifying and locating smaller catching features on the map and on the ground
Pre planning and following a multi nav-leg longer route in more complex terrain.
Route cards

We always aim to cover other mountain related topics during the course, bad weather planning, emergency procedures for injury or if you get lost, our tips on clothing and footwear and food and hydration and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have during the day.

Night Navigation Sessions, £50.00pp

Navigating in the dark or in very bad visibility needs an extra degree of awareness and on our night navigation courses you will learn simple steps to help keep you focused and safe when navigating with a map and compass at night.

These evening sessions usually last around 4hrs with a maximum teaching ratio 1:4.

Evening sessions can be added to any intermediate to advanced level navigation courses or taken separately as an add on module.
The course focuses more on micro navigation, pacing and timing as well as getting you used to walking and map reading with a head torch on and working with the shortened distances that you may, or may not be able to see!