Without a doubt Snowdonia has the best scrambling of anywhere in the UK and nobody knows the scrambling routes better than us.

Below you will find some of our favourite graded scrambles that we can guide you on as part of a fantastic mountain journey.

Here at Snowdonia Adventures we live for the mountains, They are our life, we eat, sleep and dream of mountains, we immerse ourselves in them and we want to share them with you!

There is the legendary Snowdon Horseshoe, a long, full on high mountain day taking in the famous knife-edge ridge of Crib Goch, then a summit of Yr Wyddfa the highest mountain in Wales & England, and finally over the the absolute classic Lliwedd where the early pioneers of Himalayan climbing used to train.

The renowned North Ridge of Tryfan is a truly exceptional solid mountain day, perhaps the finest grade 1 scramble in the UK and on everyones tick  list.

Y Gribin Ridge is a little known gem that takes you from the valley floor in Ogwen Valley right up to the mid point between Gylder Fawr and Glyder Fach on the Glyderau mountain range.

Crib Lem Spur is a long hiking and scrambling day thats a true delight, travelling in to some spectacular hiking scenery before tackling a grade 1 scramble that tops out on Carnedd Dafydd on the Carneddau range of mountains.

What is scrambling?

First we have hiking, this covers all ground types from big lowland to rough rocky scree routes that weave their way steeply up a hill or mountain.

Lastly we have rock climbing, perhaps the steepest and most direct way from the bottom to the top of a mountain, steep vertical rock walls, ropes, harnesses and technical protection.

In between we have scrambling, this could be described as ground that is steep enough for the use of both hands for balance and ascent up ground that is steeper than simple hiking, right up to ground that is continuously steep and exposed and crosses over to rock climbing territory.

Scrambling ability forms the foundations for a good all round mountaineer.

For example, I used to be a fairly good rock climber, taking the harder, steeper directly lines up a mountain, carrying 50m climbing rope, harness, helmet and lots of metal climbing protection ( I still do).

Now however I am more of a mountaineer, able to weave my way through varying degrees of steep and exposed ground mixed with good hand holds and good boot placements, with perhaps longer sections of steeper more exposed body movement that is within my strength and confidence, and all of this without the need for a rope and all that heavy metal climbing gear.

Scrambling is pure freedom of movement within the physical and mental limits of your ability, never climb up what you can’t climb down.

An outline of scrambling grades