Welsh 3000 Mountain Challenge 2 Day event £245pp, 3 Day event £340pp

This is it! The ultimate mountain hiking test of endurance and stamina. 2 Days for the ‘Think your tough’ crowd, Or 3 days for the more sensible amongst you.

We have been running this event since 2000. Our fully qualified Mountain Leaders  live and work in Snowdonia, as such they have excellent local area knowledge both day and night, so you can be assured we know our mountains like the back of our hand!

We run this event over 2 or 3 days.
It’s a hard event over 2 days and still a challenge if taken over 3 days.

2022 Dates

2 Day Mountain Challenge 

June 16th – 17th
July 2nd- 3rd
August 1st- 2nd

Contact us for other possible dates.

3 Day Mountain Challenge

May 25th – 27th
June 15th – 17th
July 20th- 22nd
August 10th – 12th
September 6th – 8th
Contact us for other dates

About the Welsh 3000’s, How fit do I need to be? What kit do I need?

To complete the Welsh 3000s involves walking a route of about 26 miles long, with an overall vertical ascent of over 11,500ft (3,500m) and fourteen or fifteen summits (fifteen if Garnedd Uchaf is counted).

We have been running this event since 2000, all our staff are fully qualified Mountain Leaders who live and work in Snowdonia, as such they have excellent local area knowledge both day and night, so you can be assured we know our hills like the back of our hand!

The Welsh 3000s is a terrific mountain event covering 3 separate mountain ranges:

Carneddau, Glyderau and the Snowdon Massif.

It can be done as a 2 day event or taken over 3 days.

2 Day Event – This splits the mountain ranges into 2 separate days. The first day being quite long and covering the Carneddau and the Glyderau over a distance of 33km taking around 15-16hrs. The 2nd day is the Snowdon Range and this is much shorter, around 10km and 6hrs hiking, including the famous knife edge ridge of Crib Goch, weather permitting.

3 Day Event – Splitting the 3 mountain ranges over 3 days, this is a very good way to cover the 3000’s and is suitable for most people that have good general hiking fitness.

How fit do you need to be?

2 Days: Completing this mountain challenge over 2 days is quiet hard, you will need to be very fit and train for endurance. The first day is a long endurance mountain hiking challenge. You should be doing some form of fitness training for endurance at least 3 times a week, this could be power walking, running, CV work outs in the gym, swimming or cycling.

3 Days: For the 3 day event we would suggest that a satisfactory level of fitness would be the ability to be able to walk to Snowdon summit from Pen y Pass car park using the ‘Miners Path’ in 2.5hrs max carrying a rucksack weighing around 8-10kg. You should be training your fitness for endurance at least once a week, by power walking, running, swimming, cycling or weekend hikes where you push yourself a little each time on the uphill.

Please note for the 2 or 3 day event to run we need a minimum of 3 clients ( this could be a small group or 3 individuals).

Welsh 3000s Winter 3 Day Event

If you wish to do the 3000’s in winter conditions we would expect you to have the correct clothing and equipment as well as a lot of previous summer and winter walking and scrambling experience in mountainous areas. The ability to be comfortable traversing narrow ridges in crampons in full winter conditions would be essential. A high level of fitness and stamina will be required.

The cost of this is £285pp for 3 days with a maximum ratio of 1 Winter Mountain Leader and 1 Mountain Instructor Certificate Holder to 4 clients. We require a group of 4 people or 4 individuals for this event to run.

What kit do you need?

You need to have clothing and footwear for possible wet boggy ground, dry rock, flat hiking on rocky ground and scrambling on steeper ground, plus clothing for the weather that can be experienced in the hills and mountains of Wales. We will send you a complete kit list for this challenge.

The 15 Peaks
Snowdon 3560ft
Carnedd Ugain 3494ft
Carnedd Llewelyn 3490ft
Carnedd Dafydd 3425ft
Glyder Fawr 3277ft
Glyder Fach 3261ft
Pen Yr Ole Wen 3208ft
Foel Grach 3202ft
Y Garn 3196ft
Yr Elen 3156ft
Foel Fras 3090ft
Garnedd Uchaf 3038ft
Elidir Fawr 3031ft
Crib Goch 3028ft
Tryfan 3002ft