Snowdonia Adventures Latest Statement COVID-19

Updated 4th June 2020 – We can provide Private coaching/instruction on a limited basis -Yay!

Governing bodies have been advised by Welsh Government that the regulations do allow for private instruction provided:

  • The instructor is only providing instruction to one household at a time (the instructor counts as the other household).
  • Both the instructor and the clients stay within the travel restrictions (five miles for most people).
  • There is no sharing of equipment, so the clients must already have their own equipment.


Private guiding, coaching for individuals, and small groups from the same household

We can provide 1:1 private courses and guiding to individuals and small groups from the same household subject to certain conditions being met.

Those courses and activities will probably be lowland, hill and mountain based where social distancing can be achieved safely.

Activities such as rock climbing, coasteering or gorge scrambles/canyoning will Not be possible until a later date, due to the need for closer proximity of our staff and clients meaning safe social distancing would not be possible.

The Law in Wales, Scotland and NI is different to the new changes announced for England on 10th May.

Legislation for accommodation providers in Wales:

Snowdonia National Park Closure Information:

Canoe Wales Guidance on return to activity:


Wales is closed as a tourist destination. We will be guided by the advice given by Welsh and UK government and local authorities.

Our relaxed terms and conditions of booking

In a nutshell we are going to relax the T&C of booking so we can transfer everyones booking to another suitable date in the future. Also we will honour your booking fees until December 31st 2021, so even if you want to enjoy your course, activity or adventure day next year, then we will happily transfer your booking with no charge.

If you have a booking with us you will have received an email, please also check your junk folder.

We all have to be proactive in helping to stop the spread of this virus, stay well, stay safe, stay local top your home as per guidelines and legislation in your locality.

Requirements to be met for 1:1 and private coaching/activities 

You will need to be able to agree to the following requirement before attending

  • Be able to confirm that within 21 days previous to attending, you have not been infected or had symptoms relating to Covid19 and nor has anyone in your household.
  • No one in your household is in the vulnerable or extremely vulnerable categories as defined in the current UK Government advice.
  • Each person will have their own hand gel/sanitiser and use this as and when needed on a regular basis.
  • If you or anyone in your household shows symptoms of Covid19 after attending a course or activity with us, you agree to inform us immediately so that appropriate measures can be implemented for our staff.

What we will do 

  • We will be responsible for the cleaning and quarantine of any group equipment provided to you, inline with government health-board and equipment manufacturers guidelines.
  • Wherever possible you will need to bring your own equipment for hill and mountain based courses or activities.
  • All out staff will use hand sanitisers/cleaners as and when needed.
  • All our staff will endeavour to maintain social distancing of 2m apart from all clients wherever possible.
  • Our staff will endeavour that all those in group course or activity stay 2m apart wherever possible.
  • If any of our staff display symptoms of Covid19 we will inform all clients who were part of their group so that appropriate measures can be implemented.

Addition to our standard T&C of booking

Should any of our staff develop symptoms, or has been in contact with someone showing symptoms of Covid19 and if we can not find a replacement staff member, we will need to change the course or activity date. We will not be liable for any travel or accommodation costs that you may incur.

Group Transport

We will not be providing or sharing any group transport, there will be no car pooling of our staff personal vehicles, you are responsible for your own transport and travel during any part of a course or activity you are attending with us.