My love of Suunto Watches

Way back in 1998 I bought my first mountaineering specific watch, a Suunto Vector with a 'champagne' coloured case, I didn't want a black case nor the very bright yellow case at the time. I went all over the world with this watch, from the mountains of Wales, Scotland, The Italian Dolomites, across the Haute [...]

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Winter mountain skills, what are they?????

So, winter mountaineering skills, it is clear that novice folks that want to join our winter mountaineering courses have preconceived ideas of what they need to learn, and those ideas are wrong. Sometimes they are wrong because the novice who wants to enjoy the mountains in winter, doesn't have the foundations skills that we wish [...]

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Paramo or Hardshell for the UK???

Paramo vs Hardshell, my personal views I have been using Paramo clothing since 2003, prior to that I used a Buffalo Smock for many years as my main mid/outer weather protective layer. I have been using an Aspira Smock since 2004 in all weathers found in the UK in summer and in winter, as well [...]

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What is your greatest mountaineering achievement?

The past few weeks work has been pretty much back to back navigation courses in Snowdonia. I have delivered everything from novice level navigation for lowland areas, to advanced winter navigation techniques and Gold Level NNAS training courses. Today however was the first day I was simply leading a guided hike/scrambling day for a couple [...]

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Soft Slab Fracture propagation in the snow pack

  My post yesterday that I shared wouldn't show up due to my retardedness with technology! So before folk start going off as I've seen in one comment, this is ski patrol at Glencoe setting this off on purpose so the public don't get caught. Throughout the day I set off 12 avalanches in areas that [...]

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Hello world!

Our website was in need of an overhaul, the last major update and design was way back on 2007 and things move fast in the world of the ‘net, so it was time to update, and the search began for a company to design a new website for us, we chose Craig at Purple Custard, [...]

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