I work from home running Snowdonia Adventures, so I am used to managing my work time and my breaks. But for those of you who are new to bringing the office to your normal work-free home-zone, it may be a strange place mentally and physically.
So when Shan bought home a box of office stuff and laptops and monitors and mentioned using the kitchen table, I quickly suggested that she used my office, as she is always saying that it is a cosy calm place – Must be my Zen!
I digress, It is important to have a defined work work space if you are in a job where you need to have conference voice and video calls and need to ensure privacy.
So the spare room can be a good place for this, avoid setting up office in the ‘home’ zones like lounge, kitchen/dinner, as the other people in the house may have a different office work environment where a laptop and a quiet spot will suffice. And if you have got children, then they might also need those areas when they have bored of their bedroom.
If you can use a room with a window that lets natural light in, that will help create a more optimal environment to work in.
Move some of the household plants around, especially those oxygenating ones as daylight and fresh air in your office can only be beneficial – Don’t be tempted to start painting though! as the fumes will have everyone running for the door, and that is something you might be able to do, depending on your situation.
We don’t know how long this semi lock down is going to last, or even if we are going to have firmer restrictions on us, so if you find anything that doesn’t quite work for your new office space, change it – A little niggle can really turn in to a big thing if you let it.
I can’t stress this enough, if you are new to working from home, you will find that you are more efficient than normal, meaning that you can sometimes get more done, with less interruptions, this is good, but also bad.
So a good part and a bad part, sometimes pointing out the obvious really is needed, the good part is simple, the bad part is not know when you have done enough, and ploughing on like an invincible worker bee!
These first few days of new routine will be different, I have been gently mentioning to Shan, that it’s time for a break, whether that is midmorning or lunch and then finally a shout upstairs that it is home-time! After all, the work will still be there tomorrow and just because you feel super productive doesn’t mean you should be burning both ends of the candle.
Remember when you were at work, you would probably get up and walk around, and also have that lunchtime walk, away from your work environment, well you still need to do that, but might push that to the back of your mind.
Just when you start to thing ” Ill have a break at such and such a time” that really means have that break now – yes I know I am completely guilty of not stopping till the job is done, then collasping in a heap after running out of energy – But at least I know it’s wrong.
Right time to finish for the day – ‘Shan, it is home time!”