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Hydration bladders ruin your navigation!

That's right! Hydration bladders can ruin your navigation without you even realising it. Over the past year I have noticed an increasing problem of clients compasses being effected by unknown magnetic forces - apart from the magnetic poles of planet earth! On one occasion the effect was so great that it was causing the magnetic [...]

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What is your greatest mountaineering achievement?

The past few weeks work has been pretty much back to back navigation courses in Snowdonia. I have delivered everything from novice level navigation for lowland areas, to advanced winter navigation techniques and Gold Level NNAS training courses. Today however was the first day I was simply leading a guided hike/scrambling day for a couple [...]

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First ever navigation course on Mars

  We heard that the clever people at Ordnance Survey had created a digital map of the planet Mars, and as we have a love (or perhaps an infatuation) with their lovely maps, we’re very pleased to announce that Snowdonia Adventures will be the first navigation course provider on Mars. The first two-day course will be [...]

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