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Ultimate Zip-Line Challenge?


Zip lines installed and managed for charity fund raising events
productions, product launches and we can also offer ones for promotions such as concerts, arena events, grand openings and sporting events!!

These prices include professional rigging, equipment, rigging setup, de-rig and clean up / removal.

There is no additional charge for your banners, props, toy or coupon/ voucher drops.

REQUIRES: (2) Logistics/ Safety Personnel & (2) Rigging Personnel

Fee Structure for Rigging Set-up length of zip line dictates cost:

UNDER 100' (30m) ZIP LINE £1500.00
100 ' - 200' (31-60m) ZIP LINE £2000.00
200' - 300' (61m - 90m) ZIP LINE £2500.00
300' + (91m+) contact us for a site inspection and quote

One day events if you require a longer duration please contact for a quote.

Typically additional days can be added for around 50% of the first days fee. Please enquire about specific details.


Contact us about providing a zip line in support of your event


Stunt Personnel in costume as required @ 5 Runs each for flying your banners, props, toy or coupon drops.
UNDER 100' ZIP LINE £500.00
100 FT' - 200' ZIP LINE £600.00
200' - 300' ZIP LINE £750.00


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